Why Rio's Place?

Your Trusted Partner in ABA Services

Choosing Rio’s Place is more than a decision; it’s joining a family. Rooted in personal experiences, powered by professional expertise, and delivered with boundless love and care, we are here to illuminate the path to potential for every beautiful soul we serve.

Rio's Place is not just an institution; it's a heartfelt mission. Our founder and owner, having walked the path as a parent of a child with disabilities, brings an unmatched depth of understanding and compassion. Her personal story is the bedrock of our dedication, to ensuring that every family feels seen, heard, and deeply cared for.

A Personal Journey Fuels Our Passion

Every member of our team is selected not just for their professional prowess in Applied Behavior Analysis but also for their genuine commitment to making a difference. They don’t just work here; they believe in the change we're driving.

Handpicked Expertise

At Rio's Place, we see the person, not just the process. Every plan we craft is a reflection of individual aspirations, strengths, and challenges.

Individual Journeys Honored

While we stay updated with the latest ABA techniques, our methods are always delivered with warmth, understanding, and a personal touch.

Innovative Yet Heartfelt Approaches

We're not here for transactions; we're here for relationships. Our collaboration with families goes beyond sessions, blossoming into lasting bonds of trust and mutual respect.

Building Bonds, Not Just Plans

Communication at Rio's Place is more than just updates; it's a heart-to-heart connection. We ensure every family feels included, informed, and integral to the transformative journey.

Transparent Hearts and Open Doors

Our commitment is as relentless as a parent's love. With continuous support and guidance, we're by your side every step of the way, celebrating every milestone, big or small.

Unwavering Support

Is this your story right now?

Just received a new diagnosis and feeling a whirl of emotions – confusion, concern, hope? It’s perfectly okay. You’re treading a path many families have walked before. In this tender moment of discovery, many find solace and direction in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Think of it as a gentle hand guiding you, helping to unravel the potential within these new revelations. If your heart is seeking a beacon in this unfamiliar terrain, know that ABA, and our compassionate community, are here to light the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to begin services? 

This depends on what insurance you have. It is best to call so we can give you an answer based on the insurance your child has. 

Where do services take place?

ABA services can take place at your home or in school.

How many hours of ABA will my child receive?

This depends on necessity and we will conduct a thorough assessment to determine their needs. But insurances typically do not approve more than 40 hours per week. 

What is ABA?

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